What We Do

Founded in 2006, we are headquartered in Redmond, WA – a strategic location for Fortune 100 companies and startups. We believe that our success is a reflection of our client’s success. Inabia is built on family values and a close-knit culture, and this transfers to our business partnerships as well.

We ensure that our partners have access to the best-in-class professional support, management consulting and staffing services. We make sure our consultants are carefully screened and selected for their experience and meet specific needs of our clients. You will never find us compromising on quality.

We believe that every individual and business has untapped potential waiting to be explored. Our vision stems from the belief that we can help them realize their potential, and in the process assist companies and individuals find their perfect match.

Every consulting company has its own formula to run a business. Our strategy, though similar to other companies, has its own unique flavor. Our relationship with our employees does not end with one job well done, we believe that continued training and recognition will aid them in going further, without limitations.

Differentiating factors: How many consulting companies treat their customers as family, spending time and effort establishing a relationship that goes beyond corporate collaborations? We at Inabia, achieve just that.

Partnering: As the world of ideas and innovation continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, so does the need for effective project management services and staffing expertise. Of late, we have also gained experience in the Internet of Things arena.

Attracting the right candidate: We search, pre-screen and recruit the right candidate. With our quick turn-over rate, we make sure our partners and resource are a happy fit for each other.

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Our Commitment to Community:

Inabia is proud to partner with the following organization.

Culture and values are the core of everything Inabia believes in. How we work, interact and co-exist in this community defines us and helps us grow.

Success: At Inabia, we value our clients’ needs and requirements. We consider it our personal responsibility to enable them succeed in their goals and reach new heights.

Quality: What differentiates us from our competitors is that we hand pick, screen and deliver our resources. We make sure timelines and budget needs are met without compromising on quality.

Urgency: We invest in every customer equally. We listen, set expectations and use our resources to get the work done.

Accountability: When we undertake a job, we pull together all our tools and resources to ensure it gets done on time, and within budget.

Relationships: At Inabia, we give top priority to relationships, be it with customers or with employees. We truly believe that this helps us have honest, clear and respectful communication, build trust, and that in turn reflects in our growth.

Customer Engagement and Experience: At the end of it all, we want this to be a brand building experience for our customers and Inabia.