Inabia is a leading staffing company in the Greater Seattle Area, where our goal is to connect organizations with impeccable talent. Through our rigorous and innovative staffing solutions, we provide contract and full-time placements.

Since 2010, we have been trusted vendors with companies such as AT&T, Microsoft and Ericsson. It is our goal to help our diverse community where clients and candidates benefit from each other and grow successfully. We leverage our expertise to complement our clients' business needs and retain competitive talent.

Our Staffing Capabilities:

  • A team of expert recruiters
  • Personal referrals and candidates on bench
  • Access to a variety of job portals and social media for sourcing
  • A very aggressive pre-screening process
  • Create and assist in all necessary client paperwork

Break down of our services package:

Contract placements: Candidates will be on our payroll; all candidate’s overhead is under Inabia. We will bill you (the client) an hourly rate and the candidate works on your project for a duration and length of your choosing.
Contract to Hire: This is similar to the above, it gives you the opportunity to try a candidate first and see if they are a good fit. If you wish to proceed then you can hire them full time after 6 months of contracting through Inabia.
Full-time: This is a candidate placement service we perform with a one-time fee. We receive the position requirements from you and do the necessary work from sourcing to selecting the best candidates for you. You then interview and hire the candidate directly.
Our Process:
Our business revolves around our belief that people come first. This is how we work and build lasting relationships. We follow a simple five step staffing process:
Requirement: We spend quality time understanding your business, culture and requirements.
Sourcing: Our talented recruiters use their skills and industry knowledge to identify suitable candidates for you.
Screening: We invest time in getting to know the candidates; going beyond education and work experience.
Selection: We make sure every document is in order and requirements are met before we hand over the candidate to you. We leave no stone unturned.
Monitoring: We will follow up with you and make sure the candidate is performing well. We also take feedback on our services so that we can serve you better.

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