Meet Our Team

Aftab – Chief Executive Officer / President

After graduating from CUNY he worked in the telecom industry for 14 years, for the most part as a contractor. He realized that many others like himself felt they were just a number, and this was his biggest motivation to open Inabia in 2006, to change the face of staffing agencies and turn everyone that crosses our path into a family. His passion towards technology and people has helped Inabia grow and reach new heights. His vision for the company has been to explore the untapped potential of every one of his employees, and to enable businesses to surpass theirs. Inabia was founded on a culture of helping people; a world where everyone is one family.

Aftab is on the advisory board for a few companies, and empowers many start-ups to achieve their goals. His passion outside of work is taekwondo, food and cricket. He is also the in-house comedian, famous for his one-liners that has earned him the nickname of “Chief Entertainment Officer”

“You can get everything you want in life, you just have to work hard for it.” – Aftab

Duane – Managing Director

He is the “Resident Big Mouth”, he can start conversations about anything – Mostly finding new ways to incorporate his passion for imagery, communication and technology. But when he means business he owns the room. With his experience in industries such as Fine Art, Telecom, Wireless and Education Management, he brings a diverse set of skills to the table. Always striving to be genuine in his work, Duane’s top priority is to bring value to his clients.

When he’s not talking about the staffing or managed service needs in the IT space, Duane is hitting some pucks on the ice. Duane is married to an amazing East-Coast transplant. Together they enjoy traveling, spending time with their 3 beautiful (Adult) children and their wonderfully precocious granddaughter.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." – Wayne Gretzky

Ramita – Human Resource Manager

Our in-house “Sheriff”, she is responsible for all facets of employee management right from the hiring process. She makes sure everyone in Inabia is happy and comes to work with a smile on their face. She is hardworking and highly organized, with a passion to excel in every aspect of a project that she oversees from start to finish.

When she is not playing sheriff in the office, she is either at the gym or traveling. She has been a service professional and her previous assignments have taken her all over the world which fueled her innate desire to travel and see the world, 75 countries and counting. She also loves extremely spicy food.
"Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes." – Mahatma Gandhi

Bindu – Client Manager

She is called the “big game hunter” at work, and for all the right reasons. She is highly motivated and multi-tasks recruitment requirements from start to finish. Bindu is organized and takes every measure to ensure she meets her client’s needs. She believes that there is a difference in getting a job done, and a job done right.

Bindu is a cheerful person and looks for positivity in every aspect of her life, be it at work or at home. She loves to take care and spend time with her family, she enjoys cooking healthy and nourishing meals, she enjoys sunrises and moonlight. She is a trained Carnatic singer, and her hobby is to sing and listen to music.

"Contentment is the highest gain, good company is the highest course, enquiry is the highest wisdom, and peace is the highest enjoyment.” – Sanskrit Quote

Shruti – Marketing Project Manager

Nicknamed “Hashtag Queen” at work, her responsibility is everything marketing, content or social media for the company. She loves to explore new digital marketing tools and believes that content should meet her minimum two requirements – simplicity and freshness. She is also the one who is badgering everyone to send pictures to her, “for social media” she says.

She also likes to talk about food; she enjoying cooking and is a fan of sushi. She finally gave up watching bad reality shows and replaced it with sappy Netflix series instead. She loves reading novels, window-shopping, traveling to new places and meeting friends from around the globe.

"We're paying the highest tribute you can pay a man. We trust him to do right. It's that simple.” – Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Serafima - Accounts Manager

The "Numbers Queen" of the office, she is responsible for maintaining the financial aspect of the business and presenting financial scenarios to management. Her past experiences in diverse industries has molded her into an organized and proactive professional. She is committed to maintaining a smooth working process and is always looking for opportunities to add value to our growing company.

When she’s not busy crunching numbers, she loves to spend time with her twin boys and a new kitten named “Tom”. She enjoys reading classical literature and watching horror movies. Traveling is one of her favorite things-to-do, and on her bucket list is Paris, she is a true romantic who believes in the saying "See Paris and Die".
"Nothing in this world is harder than speaking the truth, nothing easier than flattery." - Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Parul – Client Manager

She has rightfully earned the name “Top Chef” at our company. On the work front, she is responsible for managing the key accounts and growing our business. She is passionate about meeting new people, exploring new technologies and growing our relationship with our customers. Her primary focus is to keep our Customers and Consultants happy. A go-getter with a gritty personality who always loves to help others, for her happiness is “turning my passion into a Job.” Her positive outlook and enthusiasm is addictive and reflects in the relationships she builds.

When she is not talking on the phone closing deals, she loves cooking for her husband and friends. She enjoys Zumba classes and dancing to Bollywood music. Like every girl, she enjoys shopping, and like most of us at the company – she enjoys watching horror movies as well.
"Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently." – Shiv Khera.

Laura – Business Development Manager

Laura is a “peoples’ person”. At Inabia, she develops client leads and works in transitioning them into new business using a consultative, relationship-based sales approach while building a network of referrals. Her strategy for being successful in this industry is having a passion for her client’s needs. She is a result driven professional who loves to help Individuals and Companies alike in finding what pains them in their business and interactively showing them how to implement a strategy to permanently address the problem area. Seeing results is why she does what she does. For her, nothing is more fulfilling than being a part of a team with similar interests, and an organization that values its employees.

When Laura is not busy meeting people and building relationships, she enjoys traveling (on her bucket list is Europe, more specifically – Italy). She enjoys cooking for her friends and family, shopping and decorating her home. A very outgoing and vivacious person, her fun personality reflects in everything she does. She is your go-to person if you need any help! And of course, Laura is a true Seahawks fan!
"Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful – Joshua J. Marine

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